Monday, March 3, 2014

Sam- Blossom + Menswear

 photo beckermangirlsblogfashionnumberoneblogtoronto.jpg  photo canadablog-twins-beckermansisters-blog-fashion-clothes.jpg  photo vintagehat-toronto-streetstyle-number-one-blog-canada.jpg  photo isabelmarant-studded-belt-quillandtinegloves.jpg photo hm-all-saints-heartnecklace-denim-beckermantwins.jpg  photo chanelchainboots-teddybear-commedesgarcons-doverstreetmarket-nyc-toronto.jpg  photo chanelchainboots-beckerman-commedesgarconsteddybearbag.jpg  photo blossomhat-deadteddybear-chainboots-chanel.jpg

Denim Overalls- H&M
Coat- All Saints
Denim Shirt- H&M
Heart Necklace- H&M
Hat- Vintage flower hat
Studded Belt- Isabel Marant
Chain Boots- Chanel
Bear Bag- Comme des Garcons
Gloves- Quill and Tine
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look: Blossom + Menswear

Fun Fact: We are OBSESSED with these incredible Quill and Tine all touch gloves.  Our friends from Toronto created these chic gloves and you can seriously type fast while your hands stay warm. We wore them all during NYFW and they were lifesavers! When we were in NY, we went to newly opened Dover Street Market and spent 3 hours walking through the 7 floors of incredible fashion and clothes curated by Comme Des Garcons. It was an unbelievable store filled with the coolest things we ever did see! We wanted EVERYTHING and it was so inspirational like going to a museum. I got this Comme des Garcons teddy bear bag and he comes everywhere with me:)

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Unknown said...

I love your bag!!

mispapelicos said...

Perfect, inspiring, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Pure AMOR.
Love and sunshine, my dear, dear girls

Lyric Fashion Lover said...

So Cool, so chic! Love!

Unknown said...

The sweetest bag :)

Dress To Cook

The Fashion Panda said...

Just love it ! :)

Unknown said...

You look nice. I like the necklace. It is simple yet really stands out.

Unknown said...

wow! very intresting outfit!
cool backpack)

Unknown said...

Hey girl I just love how you brought that cowboy look into the cold Toronto:) especially I adore teddy bear shaped bag, it's so adorable and so Beckerman girs!

Claudia Lackner said...

Great Style! Love the hat ;)

Juliet Polilova said...

soooo in love with your bag!
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,

C said...

beautiful post!
would you love to follow each other?
we could follow each other here and also on another socials like instagram or twitter
just let me know on my blog :)
smiles' avenue