Friday, April 3, 2015

How to take the perfect Selfie using the iPhone!

How to take the perfect Selfie! We take a whole lotta selfies on our iPhones for our Instagram! Here are our tricks and filters that we use!    photo IMG_5295_zpsjygprsxx.jpg photo IMG_5602_zpsnslkcdz1.jpg

Our Selfie style Style TIPS:
1. Chin down, pucker up and make sure you don't squeeze your lips together too hard or it creates weird wrinkles around your mouth. Definitely pout them a little bit. Then make sure they pop by using the chrome photo setting on the iPhone. Just hit the edit button after you take a photo on your iphone, and the three circle button and select Chrome. Its our favorite filter.
 photo FullSizeRenderh_zpsr0mnpc2g.jpg

2. Grab some fun accessories like sunglasses, stuffed animals or rings. If you don't have any accessories on we always grab our dogs Marni and Cubby for a cute photo.

3. Square mode! We always shoot in square mode! Just swipe over to square once you are in camera on your iPhone. That way we don't have to crop it for Instagram.

4. We love natural light, but not fluorescent. Natural light will make your skin look amazing! We find taking selfies during the day in the car is the best lighting. Take at least 10 photos and use the best one.

Filter Fabulousness: How to choose the right filters for you/right moments
1. If a picture is super dark even after lightening it, we then use the light filter on the iPhone to lighten it. But if the photo is still to dark after lightening it, we bring it in to VSCO cam and lighten it even more. (double light filter it)
 photo FullSizeRenderg_zpsdaykn0a9.jpg

2. Face Tune- is a great app for helping blemishes to disappear. If you use the smooth tool, it helps smooth out the skin which is great for when there is harsh lighting.    photo FullSizeRender_zpstnwwae8i.jpg
3. Because there is no front flash on the iphone. Turn your phone around in your hand and take a photo with a flash if you are in a dark scenario. You probably have to take a few to make sure you are in the frame.

4. If you are with a friend in dark room/party (with little light) taking a selfie, turn on her flashlight on his/her iphone, shine it above your heads (not under your chin like Blair Witch) and take a selfe with the other phone. If you have more phones turn on everyones flashlight. It works really well!
 photo FullSizeRenderi_zpsexvaiind.jpg

Selfies + pets … - DELFIE  photo FullSizeRenderb_zps6j7qm6d5.jpg

1. There is something about dogs and selfies. Maybe its because our dogs are always sitting on our laps... but selfies are way cuter with your better half! So shoot in bursts. Which means hold your finger on the photo button a little bit longer and your camera takes a bunch of them really fast.. incase your furry baby moves.

2. Our dogs love to get their photo taken, so dress your dogs up before they get their photo taken because its sooo much cuter with a sweater on (and dog sunglasses)

3. Holding the phone at a down up angle. Works the best with pets. That way they are the main focus in the photo.

4. The cutest, yet hardest photo to get is when you pretend that your dog took their own selfie. The way to do that is (turn the iphone on them and lift one paw up in the air), and hit the button. That way it looks like they took it themselves. A true #DELFIE
 photo FullSizeRenderq_zpsyfqzpuo9.jpg
5. If your dog likes sitting on his butt, (it sounds strange) but tons of dogs do this very easily, then doing a selfie like this... is the cutest. Our Pomeranian Marni sits on her butt and she looks the cutest and chubbiest this way. She resembles Winnie the Poo, so seeing her tummy full of honey melts our heart and then we take a ton of selfies while she is sitting like that on our lap.
 photo FullSizeRenderp_zpszlzcmk2d.jpg

Take flight: Plane Selfies made easy
1. Taking these photos are always fun, yet there is a good timing for this. You want to make sure the whole plane is sitting before you take off and take your selfie. Otherwise you get weird stares from people who are trying to board the plane.
 photo FullSizeRendern_zpskop2byrq.jpg

2. The lighting is amazing on the plane if it is daytime. Make sure the window shade is open and that the people behind you aren't paying too much attention and shoot away.
 photo FullSizeRenderm_zpsvlxv4xjd.jpg

3. Bring accessories (we always load up on) eye masks, blankets, hats, alien charms, mickey mouse ears and skull bandanas.

4. We always hold the iphone up to the window (above our head) and shoot so you can get a bunch of people on the plane in it. We've gotten some crazy funny people making faces in our pics. It makes the selfies even better with the airplane photobombers!

5. Eating Candy on the plane makes taking selfies more fun (ok just kidding but it's true)

Always an angle: Nail your selfie style with these great iPhone tips
1. The look away selfie- this is the selfie that you take but it doesn't look like a selfie but it is. Holding the iphone up in the air and looking away and snapping, is the best way to do it. A more serious look in this photo is always needed. It's like the paparazzi shot.
 photo FullSizeRendere_zpsqu3l1mml.jpg

2. The lip pout selfie- Put on your favorite lipstick. Ours is always a red lipstick and make a kissy face to the camera as you take the photo. Chin should always be down in this type of photo.

3. The Weird hair selfie- Do the coolest French braid, crimp your hair, ballerina top knot with a big bow. Do something to your hair that nobody has ever seen before!

 photo FullSizeRender-5_zpslkpbb1jz.jpg
4. The cool background- If you are on vacation or are in a dreamy place or a big monument! Make it all about the location of the selfie (Ahhh CN TOWER!)
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Natural light will make your skin look amazing! We find taking selfies during the day in the car is the best lighting. Take at least 10 photos and use the best one.