Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's our 6th Year Anniversary!

It's been a totally INCREDIBLE 6 YEARS of blogging! Holy WOWOWOW!!!
And this year has been so special and super busy!  We went on a lot of adventures, new collaborations, became Brand Ambassadors, hosted red carpets, made some amazing new friends, became Contributing Editors at a Magazine, traveled around the world and did the whole fashion week circuit NY-LONDON-MILAN-PARIS! IT's been EPIC and life changing! Like our trip to Dubai with Chanel, meeting Karl Lagerfeld and dancing the night away with Rihanna and Jeremy Scott at the Moschino party in Paris. We wanted to thank you for following us on our journey. Thank you for your love and support! The best part of our blog is that we get to do it together, travel the world and have fun! Here's to many more to come! Cheers!!! To see our past Anniversary posts, click here We blogged together in the same spot that we blogged at 6 years ago. See our first blog posts ever below!
 photo IMG_1569_zpsbvwiwtpm.jpg  photo cailli beckerman- rodarte pants- leather grommet pants-moschino bags-haruno shibuya denim top-comme des garcons shoes-toront_zps73ar17jm.jpg photo IMG_6624_zpsodhar1g9.jpg  photo moschino-pigtails-commedesgarconsboots-toronto-bloggers_zpsih4zdyht.jpg  photo IMG_1570_zpspz8tby8q.jpg  photo cailli beckerman- rodarte pants- leather grommet pants-moschino bags-haruno shibuya denim top-comme des garcons shoes-toront_zps6lgax8vv.jpg  photo haruno shibuya- cailli beckerman- beckermanblog_zpscijawilp.jpg  photo cailli beckerman-toronto-rodarte-grommet pants-comme des garcons shoes-1_zpsdgpsmpv5.jpg  photo cailli beckerman- rodarte pants- leather grommet pants-moschino bags-haruno shibuya denim top-comme des garcons shoes-toront_zpskscsspwx.jpg  photo camouflage-armyoutfit-peace-anniversary-camo-beckermantwins_zps7x5ewrd3.jpg  photo streetstyle-bloggers-numberoneincanada-blog-street-beckermanblog-sambeckerman_zpstukv9act.jpg  photo IMG_1567_zpsuv92yfot.jpg

Our First Blog Post that is in the same location April 2009 (6 years ago): 
 photo IMG_1577_zpsf0vs6cqf.jpg photo IMG_1576_zpsui4fifzm.jpg  photo IMG_1575_zpsdxbkritk.jpg  photo IMG_1578_zpsz75sunzj.jpg

Beckermans x COACH- Coach Ambassadors, COACH Fall 2015 Fashion Show in NY

Beckermans x CHANEL- CHANEL Cruise Dubai Trip, CHANEL Haute Couture Visit in NY, Visiting Coco's Apartment, CHANEL Factory and attending CHANEL Fall 2015 Collection in Paris

H&M Collaboration- Hosting Much Music Video Awards, H&M for MMVA Style Squad VideoOsheaga Music Festival, Alexander Wang Launch, H&M Studio Fashion Show in Paris

Disney Ambassadors- Minnie Mouse comes to Toronto, Hosting #MinnieStyle Event in Toronto

FLARE Magazine Contributing Editors

PANDORA x Disney Collaboration

Marc by Marc Jacobs comes to Canada at The Hudson's Bay- Hosting events in Toronto and Vancouver

Sunglass Hut Holiday Collaboration

InStyle Magazine x Pinterest Collaboration

MYNY DKNY Perfume Collaboration

Beckermans x Grazia Mexico

Beckermans x The Coveteur x Versace Versace Versace! 

Etsy Collaboration

HSN Collaboration

Tevas x Woolrich Collaboration

Moose Knuckles Collaboration

Reebok Collaboration

Air Canada Collaboration during NYFW

COACH store Opening in LA
Art Basel in Miami
New York Fashion Week- Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 Shows
London Fashion Week- Fall 2015 Shows
Milan- Fall 2015 Shows
Paris Fashion - Fall 2015 Shows

Here are some of our most favorite moments from the past year!
 photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-28_zps8ooinptb.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-25_zpsk7prido2.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-30_zpstafqcitc.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-22_zpss0kbhg5a.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-24_zpsuk2ioeik.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-29_zps53djcfyf.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-13_zpsufejyprd.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-011_zpsfshcud4f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-6_zpsezsxlog1.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-34_zpsyl2rqgxr.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-23_zpscbcxdzlq.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-14_zpsifrid8uf.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-27_zps7g34fvyv.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-36_zpsdbxqnttx.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-7_zpsci2bv0na.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-44_zpsuo1unf2w.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-33_zpsh9bkachz.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-012_zpstnkv1fka.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-15_zpsyrdigbyl.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-39_zpsygtg6bd9.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-010_zpspcrnu2ok.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-040_zpstnknc5dn.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-9_zpsiwtinyo6.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-26_zpsk4hhsewy.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-5_zpszkxjvolp.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-43_zps9uby3fba.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-19_zpsk4xdqb94.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-16_zpsotbtxy7c.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-41_zpsftdac3qi.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-42_zpsfdmodvav.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-37_zpscbjhc46n.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-18_zpsj5qjcdy0.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-17_zpswcpxzhk3.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-20_zpshcchdo8c.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-21_zpswrzjcxdf.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-32_zpsaiegjh9p.jpg  photo beckermanblog-6thyearanniversary-toronto-31_zpsp4vgnjdc.jpg

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Natalie Mulford said...

SO MUCH AMAZING! Congrats on 6 years!

Unknown said...

wow wow wow, looks like you had a great year, I really love your blog x3 Congrats on 6 succesful years girls, keep up the good work :) xxx

dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

Emma Renata said...

Your outfits are so rad!! Absolutely love this post xx

Enara Girl said...

Congratulations! 6 years is a lot! xoxo

Gabrielle said...

Oh wow, what an incredible six years! What a great idea to show your first ever blog post and to take new ones in the same place! You girls have done so well over the past six years! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


andrespoiche said...


dont forget visit my blog

AlexisSplash said...

Happy 6 years anniversary gals! I'm so glad you were able to share it with us and inspire us! ♡

xx AlexisSplash

Shaira Manalo said...

Ohmygosh! You truly rock the free world! You two are so great and wishing you more projects. :) Congrats!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

So many incredible moments!!

Your blog is my favourite blog ever! You never disappoint and your outfits are always so on point and inspiring!!

I am so excited that you guys are celebrating this milestone and I look forward to seeing whats next always!!

So much love!!

Caro * said...

Fabulous photos !
Congratulations for your work ladies and happy birthday to your blog !
I wish you a lot of good things for the future :)