Friday, July 24, 2009

Caillianne- July 24, 2009

Black Vintage Lace Dress- Handmade no label from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Blue Shirt- Zegna ( I actually borrowed this from my Dad!) hahah!
Shoes- Pura Lopez from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Belt- Vintage (no label) from vintage store in South Hampton
Bag- Vintage Pablo Picasso borrowed from my Mom

The Look: Prada Fall 2008 + Nuns

Fun Fact: I have been reading a lot of cool Japanese Magazines like Spur, Fudge and Vogue Nippon and they are all from last summer because I got a good deal on them from this cute little store I found that sells older issues of hard to find Japanese magazines! So I have been staring at all of the Prada Fall 2008 ads with Linda Evangelista! I have been thinking about this blue shirt and black lace combo and was wanting to try it! I borrowed a blue shirt from my Dad and he was excited because I never ask to borrow his clothes! Hahah! And threw it under this black lace dress which kinda looks super similar to the Prada dresses! haha! Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! And I loved the Prada/Evangelista ads!

Unknown said...

You girls know now to Vogue! I absolutely LOVE your blog. I am going to link it from my blog right now!
xx Yael

Daphne said...

I borrow/adopt Zegna stuff from my dad ALL the time! Amazing.

lara vincent said...

where is this magic garden you sit so pretty in