Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Floor 2
Garbage trucks and Beer bottles clanking
Cell Phones, car alarms, bouncers yelling
The hoarders apartment below wont stop smelling
And I can't fall asleep tonight

My door is buzzing, the smell of stale beer in my sheets
The pizza place is booming, there isn't one seat
I can't believe all the vomit in the streets
And I can't fall asleep tonight

I hear mice scrambling on the floor
They are in my dogs food bowl
No heat and its out of my control
And I can't fall asleep tonight

The Freegan's are muffling through the trash
The doormen are taking the cash
The DJ is playing the Clash
And I can't fall asleep tonight

Should I stay or should I go
I'm gonna walk right out that door
I'm gonna go down one floor
And say Hello

- By Caillianne Beckerman

Fun Fact: I thought it would be fun to put up one of my poems ! We lived above a bar for five years in NY and saw and heard everything!
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