Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caillianne- July 8, 2009

Jacket- Vintage Louis Feraud from Kensington Market in Toronto
Ribbon Top- Beckerman Spring 2006 Ribbon tank
Slip- Vintage white slip from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Bag- Bottega Veneta (borrowed from my Mom)
Shoes- Gucci from Gucci store in NYC

The Look: Coloring Book + Jelly Fish

Fun Fact: Our Spring 2006 Collection was written up in the New York Times and Eric Wilson said that this ribbon top looked like " A stripper bursting through a car wash" haha! We thought that it was the best quote and summed this top up perfectly! Pin It Now!

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Mi Muffin said...

I love the color combination of the shoes and lipstick; it complement your skin superbly.