Friday, September 13, 2013

NY Fashion Week Pics and Video Preview's!

We had the best time at New York Fashion Week! We ran around and went to shows, met up with lots of friends and had some amazing dinners! Jose Martinez, one of the most talented videographers and photographer we know, followed our adventure and took lots of pics of us around town. Here are some of the outfits we wore, and the Instagram video previews that Jose made. The Outnet dressed us for Fashion week and we mixed and matched our own wardrobe with pieces that we coveted from their site! It was crazy fun! We saw some amazing fashion shows that we are going to post about in the next post but here is our first post to kick off NYFW!  photo photo2_zps0ab49e75.jpg  photo photo1_zps8ad71e63.jpg  photo photo3_zpsf38fc3f2.jpg  photo photo11_zps21ea9efd.jpg  photo photo010_zps8b591bd2.jpg  photo photo7_zps07f39cc6.jpg  photo photo5_zpsc1396738.jpg  photo SG1A5247_zps8f98d29f.jpg  photo photo8_zps54734df3.jpg  photo photo9_zpscdad86e7.jpg Pin It Now!


the style crusader said...

There is WAY too much goodness happening in this post. Absolutely love the little videos.


Anonymous said...

I just love this! This is so exciting!!! Love all the pics and the videos, too!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

to me you ladies were the highlight of nyfw, so fabulous to discover all your photos on major streetstyle sites! that is what fashion is all about, having fun and emphasizing your fashion personality! nobody seems to have more fun than you guys. don't ever stop with smiling and having fun and showing us all those fun stuff! are you coming to europe for fashion week?

mispapelicos said...

How I would have love to meet you dear, my dearest girls.
I see you stopped every single show. Even photograph by Bill, ahhhhhhhhh

Unknown said...

Ahhhh obsessed with this, still so thrilled I got to meet you guys on a random street in soho last year at NYFW!!!!!!
Brooke @ what2wear

mispapelicos said...

Everything you achieve I feel as my own.
Love you, my dear girls and wonderful family.

Good As Gold said...

So awesome when we check out other Toronto bloggers who are doing such an amazing job! Keep it up :) x
Also, Toronto ON