Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caillianne- Old Fashioned Taxi + Flowers

Jacket- Vintage from Value Village in Toronto
Camisole under jacket- Beckerman cherry knitted camisole
Pants- Floral vintage Anna Sui pants from Anna Sui store in NYC
Belt- Vintage (no label) from Aberfoyle Antique Show in Guelph Ontario
Shoes- Prada from Prada store in NYC
Socks- Yellow socks from Forver 21 in Toronto

The Look: Old Fashioned Taxi + Flowers

Fun Fact: This is one of my finds from The Aberfoyle Antique Show! Its a really cool village! It is a black woven leather belt with a hand carved silver buckle with pretty little charms hanging off of it. I love the buckle shape too! All for $20.00 ! SCORE! Pin It Now!

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