Thursday, August 6, 2009

Caillianne- Twiggy + Zebra

Trench coat vest- Beckerman Trench Coat Vest from Fall 2008 Collection
Shorts under trench coat vest- Theory from Bergdorfs in NYC
Hat- Tracey Watts from NYC
Tshirt under Trench- Black Tshirt from Gap Body in Toronto
Shoes- Tods Beetle Boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Purse- Vintage Paloma Picasso from Toronto

The Look: Twiggy + Zebra

Fun Fact: The last time I wore this Beckerman vest trench was in February 2008 to a party we hosted with Nylon Magazine and the Kills! It was at Bowery Ballroom and Ky Jelly was also a big sponser. They had us make a big sculpture out of the boxes of the KY Jelly to make it like an art installation. So we made this really cool old fashion looking typewriter out of their red boxes that said KY Jelly all over it! hahhah! What an AWESOME night! And the Kills Rocked it up on stage! Pin It Now!

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Nikki said...

This is one of my favorites yet.

I heart your handbag.

I heart you.