Friday, August 14, 2009

Samantha- Michael Jackson's "Bad" Song + Janet's "Rhythm Nation" Song

Jacket- Vintage Parasuco jacket from Tribal Rhythm in Toronto
Dress underneath- Jill Stuart black jersey dress from Store in NYC
Shoes- Vintage 1900's shoes with Mokuba ribbons from Edith Machinist in NYC
Pouch around neck- Vintage leopard pouch from this cute man in Paris gave it to me!

The Look: Michael Jackson's "Bad" Song + Janet's "Rhythm Nation" Song

Fun Fact: I found this jacket at one of our favourite stores in Toronto Tribal Rhythm! Its old school Parasuco and it has sooo much silver hardware on it !! Like these amazing huge studs on the shoulders, three huge buckles around the wrist and a big buckle to close it! Pin It Now!