Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chloe- Ruffle Chips + Tie Dye

Dress- Beckerman Tie Dye Ruffle Dress
Shoes- From Amsterdam (My sisters bought them for me!)
Hat- Tracey Watts from NYC
Bag- Vintage Carlos Falchi from New York Vintage in NYC

The Look: Ruffle Chips + Tie Dye

Fun Fact: This was a Beckerman sample dress that we made and didn't put it into the line! It didn't make the cut but it really is an awesome dress! Pin It Now!


Gia said...

You look so cute you probably brought those Amish guys into the 21st century!!!

Sarah said...

I WANT THAT DRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you send it to me to Germany, please :)
It's not in the line you said, but it's soooo awesome!!!!