Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caillianne- Cinco de Mayo + Woofstock

Jacket- Vintage Vanson red leather jacket from Value Village in Toronto
Hat- Vintage straw hat (no label) from Long Beach Flea Market in L.A
Tshirt- Yellow tshirt from Lucky Brand from Lucky Brand store in L.A
Pants- Tie-dye pants from Etsy
Shoes- Red Marc by Marc Jacobs desert boots from Marc Jacobs store in NYC
Doggy- Cubby Peter Denzel Beckerman (woof!)

The Look: Cinco de Mayo + Woofstock

Fun Fact: We went down to the Distillery today and brought Cubby who wore his batwings. He loves wearing them because everybody tells him how cute he is! They go up and down like real wings when he walks and it looks like he is gonna fly away! Pin It Now!


Emm said...

I am a huge fan you girls and your amazing design but most of all your blog!
You three are so unique but at the same time so similar =)
I have had no internet for a couple weeks but have now just been reading pages of posts after posts and love all the different outfits. some great inspiration. I don't think i could pull off the amazingly outrageous outfits as you girls do but It's fun to take a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that =)

Your puppy is sooo sweet!
Keep up the amazing outfit posts!

from spindizzyfall

Isabel said...

Sweet Jesus, those are the coolest pants in the entire universe.

Malsen said...

Those desert boots are great!

Nia said...

You and Cubby are so freaking adorable!!! Loving this

Bianca said...

Cubby the Cuteso!

Copious Couture said...

I love your outfit!!! And those batwings are too adorable! Are you in the toronto distillery district? The pics are great!


Unknown said...

Beautiful bag. I like your blog so I follow.

Follow me, Adam

crunchie said...

You are too fabulous!! It hurts so good!!!! Love the jacket :)

TokenBlonde said...

Aw, man, when i first saw this picture I thought to myself, "did she manage to sneak that adorable pooch into an amusement park?" Not sure what the distillery is, but I imagine you were the two best dressed there!

Pennerad said...

hahaha. so adorable. great pants!

Anonymous said...

love the batwings!!...and you ladies look lovely as always!