Thursday, June 3, 2010

Huntington Botanical Garden Pics!

We had such a wonderful time walking around the Huntington Gardens! We checked out the Japanese and Chinese gardens and they were so lush and architecturally stunning! We highly reccomend going there and strolling around enjoying all the beautiful flowers and waterfalls! xo Beckerman girls

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Copious Couture said...

I love botanical gardens... such gorgeous pics!!!


lucy said...

Cute cute cuuuuuute!!!

likahelloooo said...

I went to the Huntington Bot. Garden! The Cactus garden is gorgeous, did you see them? nice pics!

Rebecca Jane said...

What beautiful gardens! Such a lovely setting for photos

Jessie said...

Very nice photography!

Emm said...

Ahh these are so funny! I love the one in the big pot!
You girl certainly found some amazing places to take photos =)

And i love how your not afraid to go all out with your clothes and you look fab!