Friday, June 18, 2010

Karen Elson Singing

We went with a bunch of friends to El Mocambo in Toronto to see the amazing and super talented supermodel, Karen Elson sing from her new album, "The Ghost who Walks", and it was such an unbelievable night! Her music is sooooo cool, it has a country/rock/folk gothic sound! Everybody in the audience was completely mesmerized by her angelic voice. She also looked super fantastic (like always!) Her peach dress looked 1920's vintage, peach lipstick, porcelain skin, and red hair was the perfect combination of country/burlesque chic! On a funny note, last Christmas, we made a gingerbread Peace train and needed somebody to drive it. So we picked Karen! Hahaha! Check out the pics HERE! El Mocambo is such a small venue and it felt like Karen was serenading us all night! What a special night!xo Beckerman girls
PS. Scroll to the bottom to see the VIDEO!

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Monica said...

yayayay I'm going to see her play in NY tomorrow night!! so excited! :)

ginger said...

I saw the citizens band once! The costumes and singing were unreal! I love k.e.!!!

blondie said...

Beautiful pics! You're right. Karen elson is angelic!!! I can't wait to hear her voice and music!!

Zazou said...

love the pics, much better than my terrible phone pictures! you didn't capture crazy waving-hand lady in the video! ;)