Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disneyland Mania!!

We just went nuts at Disneyland! We were screaming in the car just driving into the Parking lot! Oh Boy! Chloe took us for our Pre- Birthday! We started celebrating a month early! YAY! So this calls for a month of celebrating! hahaha! We went to: Mark Twain's river boat, Space Mountain, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Mickey's Mouse, Donald Duck's boat house, Captain EO which was Michael Jackson's 80's Tribute with George Lucas movie, the Disney railroad, and rode King Arthur's carrousel. We also snacked on Mickey Mouse pretzels and had a fun filled sun packed day! We even had to wear our ear's on top of our hats so we didn't get sun stroke! Our lasting memory of Disneyland will be Mary Poppins dancing infront of the magic castle... and as Mary Poppins would say, "What a Jolly Holiday!" xo Beckerman girls
PS. Sending lots of love to our Dad today who is getting knee surgery!

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roxanne said...

the joy in these pictures is so contagious! i'm from the east coast, so i usually go to disney world, but i went to disneyland for the very first time this past january and it was such a blast! in fact, i'm such a disney freak that i'm hoping to visit both parks this summer..

happy early birthday, you all look fantastic!

spacecake said...

I love space mountain!!!!!!


Copious Couture said...

Look like you had so much fun!!!! It's amazing how Disneyland totally turns you into a kid... I enjoyed every minute we spent there!!


Bambi said...

sweet! Disney isnt just for kids!!

Das What She Said said...

HA! Awesome. And the red lips seem so appropriate.


katie said...

WOW You girls are sooo happy n cute!!!

Vio said...

you girls are crazy, I love your pictures!

Linda Lu said...

Happy almost birthday!!!
Disneyland looked like a ton of fun!

Anonymous said...

this is your guys funnniest post ever! your so festive with the serious disney hardware and headware, and the smiles on your faces are priceless! this made me lol.