Monday, May 11, 2009

Caillianne- May 11, 2009

Top- Vintage Nike Crop Top from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Culottes- YSL Chiffon Culottes
Sunglasses- Vintage from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage 1920's shoes from Edith Machinst in NYC. I put plaid Mokuba Ribbon in the laces
Bag- Le Sport Sac from the Store in NYC
Bracelet- Silver Bracelet from grandmother
Rings- turquoise rings (one from Grandmother and the other one is vintage)

The Look: Jogger + 1980's Babysitter

Fun Fact: When I was walking in Soho a few years ago I found $50.00 bill on the street and I was ecstatic! I was so obsessed with Camoflauge that I walked in to the Le Sport Sac Store and bought this bag. It was a really great day! Pin It Now!

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