Friday, May 29, 2009

Samantha- May 29, 2009

Varsity Jacket- The label is Delong Sportswear from Tribal Vintage Store in Toronto
Shirt- Vintage (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Pants- Cords from Forever 21 in NYC
Shoes- Green and Brown Shoes Vintage Giraudon from Atomic Passion Store in NYC

The Look: Varsity Blues (the movie) + Reggie (from the Archie Comics)

Fun Fact: These Varsity Jackets are usually a fortune. This is a Patriots jacket from 1980's and its a collectible jacket. This jacket even came with all of the pins on it and patches! They usually try selling them for around $300-$400 at the Antique Shows, but I got it for $20 ! (SCORE!) Pin It Now!

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Nikki said...

I wish I could marry Jughead.

You look (as always) amazing.