Friday, May 15, 2009

Chloe- May 15, 2009

Jumper- Vintage Jumper (no label) from Hell's Kitchen in NYC
T-shirt- West Coast a gift from a friend! YAY!
Belt- from Forever 21 in New York
Shoes- Converse from Ottawa, Canada
Vest- Beckerman Cherry Vest from Spring 2009 Collection
Bag- Fruit bag from Browns in Toronto

The Look: Circus Flame Thrower + Vintage Matress

Fun Fact: I love how worked in these Converse are! I found an old vintage Paris Vogue from the early 90's and they did a photoshoot and every page was styled with Baby Blue Converse.. it made me so obsessed that Cailli gave me hers! Pin It Now!

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Nikki said...

YEAH Converse from Ottawa Canada!