Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caillianne- May 20, 2009

Dress- Vintage(no label) from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Belt- From Godmother and its Berretta (wraps around twice)
Necklace- Vintage Bird Bolo from Brimfield Antiques Market (one of my finds!)
Socks- Yellow Dollarama socks
Shoes- Michael Kors from Davids in Toronto
Purse- Beckerman Brown Love Bag
Teddy Bear on Bag- This is usually on my bed but I thought it looked better on my bag!

The Look: Hansel and Gretel + Retro Housewife of the 1970's

Fun Fact: Samantha actually bought this dress for her graduation ceremony for F.I.T in 2004 at Radio City Music Hall! The funny thing is that since she was wearing a big Graduation Robe on top of it (nobody ever saw it hahah!)I decided that she was never going to wear it.. So I stole it! This is the first time its been worn in 5 years! Pin It Now!

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