Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Samantha- May 26, 2009

Dress- Beckerman dress
Necklace- Vintage RCMP Navy Whistle with gold anchor on beaded Chain from the Christies Classic Antique Show (got it last weekend)
Ring- Vintage Mickey Mouse Ring and Vintage Turquoise Ring from Brimfield
Purse-Vintage Roberto Ricci Made in Italy for Judith Teller (handed down from my Mom-she used to wear it in the 80's)

The Look: A Monastery + the Matrix

Fun Fact: This Mickey mouse ring is one of my most special purchases from Brimfield. Its made of turquoise and coral and was created by a tribe in the 1940's. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...


Daphne said...

that dress is AMAZING!

Love Simone said...

Love this look! I wish it didn't get so hot in the south where I live or else I would surely be living in black this summer, I think. :)

Love the blog!!

sarah said...

ok-- I said Cailliane was my favorite, but that's until I saw this dress! It's wonderful! I guess I'll retract my original statement and say that you all have such creative, inspiring outfits. thanks for sharing!

loveroffashion said...

The Mickey Ring is amazing!

Jennifer said...

The dress is amazing and the handbag is even more amazing!! I absolutely love it! XOXO