Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caillianne- June 18, 2009

Shirt- Vintage Talbots from Value Village in Toronto
Leggings- Old Navy from NYC
Necklace- Vintage Bear tooth Necklace from designer Mete
Bag- Balenciaga from NYC
Coin purse (hanging from Balenciaga bag)- Vintage Coin purse from 1900's from Bayview Village Hertiage Antique Show
Hair Clips- Daisy hair clips from Dollarama in Toronto
Shoes- Chanel Go- Go Boots from NYC

The Look: Private School Dropout + Mod Squad

Fun Fact: I bought these daisy hair clips from the dollar store. When I bought them they had these big feathers attached to them and it looked like I was doing a mating call to the other birds so I had to cut them off! Pin It Now!

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