Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Caillianne- June 9, 2009

Dress- Velvet Vintage (no label dress) from Cheap Jacks in NYC
Tights- White Lace Fogal from Fogal Store in NYC
Boots- Chanel go go boots
Bag- Dog bag from FX in Toronto (I got this a long time ago! )
Hairband- Beckerman Daisy Hairband

The Look: 1960's Prom + Blue Velvet the movie

Fun Fact: I made this hairband the other night! I bought these daisy's at the dollar store, bought a hairband from a drugstore and hot glued them on! Then I sewed pearls in between the daisy's to give it some sparkle! Pin It Now!


Eli said...

Priscilla Presley Deluxe!

Gia said...

You look like a 60s babydoll! So cute!

loveroffashion said...


Nikki said...

Like a velvet ANGEL!

(with edge and sass!)