Monday, June 1, 2009

Samantha- June 1, 2009

Jacket- Simon Chang black crepe jacket from store at Bayview Village in Toronto
Dress- Cia from Value Village in Toronto
Necklace- Baby Bear sterling silver bear rattler (I turned it into a necklace)from St. Lawrence Flea Market in Toronto/Rhinestone Bear necklace by Vivian Westwood which was a gift from our godmum
Bag- Prada Girl Robot bag
Charm- Prada robot charm from Prada store in NYC
Boots- Motorcycle Boots from Amsterdam Flea Market

The Look: Highlighter Markers + Chalk Board

Fun Fact: I bought this dress at Value Village last week and the print reminded me of doodling and testing markers at an Art store before buying them. Pin It Now!

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