Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chloe- June 11, 2009

Wrap Top- Vintage Ungaro Paintbrush top from Vintage Couture in Toronto
Dress- Black Loyale Dress from NYC
Green Tights- from the Sockman in NYC
Shoes- Vintage Embroidery Guatamalan Shoes from Circa Now in NYC
Bag- Louis Vuitton (Borrowed from my Dad)
Feather Hairband- Beckerman

The Look: Peter Pan + Paintbrushes

Fun Fact: Caillianne made this hairband for me! Its one of my favourites because it makes any look instantly fun! She got a hairband and glued colorful feathers on it! Its easy to do and the more colorful the better Pin It Now!

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Janet said...

After spending a billion years at Branksome, I'm glad SOMEONE is able to make green tights look good.