Friday, September 18, 2009

Caillianne- Beckerman for Uniqlo Collaboration- Makeup Monster Shirt

Top- Beckerman for Uniqlo Collaboration Makeup Monster Shirt from Uniqlo
Pants- Vintage Dove pants from Kensington Market in Toronto
Hat- Vintage hat from Tribal Rythym in Toronto
Shoes- Chanel go go boots from Chanel store in NYC

The Look: Beckerman for Uniqlo Collaboration Shirt!

Fun Fact: We LOVE makeup and wanted to do a Makeup monster for our collaboration with Uniqlo! So we drew eyeshadow and the brushes for its eyes, a lipstick nose and a spilled nailpolish mouth. It was printed on a white longsleeve cotton draped top! Its available in Japan, Paris, U.K, and online! Pin It Now!


deces said...

I was wondering when these amazing shirts would go up!


If I owned this I would not wear anything else...ever.

Billy said...

Love it!
It seems so comfortable and fun to wear.

xx billy

Linda said...

Super cute. Love it!

Unknown said...

I love uniqlo i can't believe you collaborated with them!! this top is fantastic!!! xx