Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chloe- Harley Davidson + Brigitte Bardot

Jacket- Black and Leopard Jacket (no label) from Value Village in TorontoShorts- Vintage Danier Leather Shorts from Value Village in Toronto
Hat- Vintage Chanel Hat from Manhatten Show Vintage Show in NYC
Belt- Black leather belt (no label) from Vintage store, Tribal Rhythm in Toronto
Bag- Vintage bag with turtle on it (no label) from Vintage store in Toronto
Boots- Otto Tootsi Plohound Black Leather Boots from Otto Tootsi Plohound in NYC

The Look: Harley Davidson + Brigitte Bardot

Fun Fact: Sam and Cailli bought these boots ten years ago in NYC and I'm so glad they kept them because they eventually got passed down to me and I love them! They remind me of the Givenchy cowboy boot! Pin It Now!

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Linda said...

Those boots are insanely gorgeous!