Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caillianne's Top Twelve- September 24, 2009

Samantha and I are celebrating our 99th Look/Outfit on the Blog! We have almost hit 100!!! YAY! We went through our favourite looks on the blog today and picked our top 12 looks! I thought it would be fun to draw our favourite outfits and put the photographs underneath them! xox Beckerman girls

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loveroffashion said...

your sketches are amazing!

Mom Fashion World said...

it's an amazing idea to make a lookbook.
i love the sketch too!

giamarieb said...

you gals are too cute for words! i love it!

iamawanderer said...

first time to your blog and i lovve it allll--the colours, the shapes, your outfits are really inspirational!