Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caillianne- Little House on the Prairie + Black Leather by The Sex Pistols

Top- Vintage Leivan top from Value Village in Toronto
Skirt- H&M from H&M in Toronto
Tights- Leopard Tights from Candy's Costume Shop in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage (no label) from store Vintage Mix in Ossington, Toronto
Scarf- Vintage from Bayview Village Heritage Market in Toronto
Bag- Prada Satin bag from our Godmum
Charm on Bag- Knitted girl in kilt made by Chloe

The Look: Little House on the Prairie + Black Leather by The Sex Pistols

Fun Fact: I had fun doing my hair today! The easiest way to braid your hair around your head is to part it down the middle first. Flip your head over and start french braiding the one side of your head from the bottom and continue the braid along the top of your head along to the other side while picking up the part of the hair that you sectioned off. When you get to the section behind your ear braid all the way down straight and tie it off with an elastic. Then take bobby pins and pin the rest of the braid around your head and hide the ends under the other part of the braid. Spray it with hairspray and pull it a little bit to make the braid bigger and messy! In order to do this you basically need to know how to french braid your hair yourself! or you can always get a friend to do it! Pin It Now!

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