Thursday, October 1, 2009

Caillianne- Parisian Street Style + Cotton Ball

Knit Jacket- Vintage Norma Knitted Norma Jacket from Sherway Garden Antique Show
Grey Sweater- See By Chloe Sweater from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Leggings- H&M Men's Long Underwear from H&M in Toronto
Shoes- Dries Van Noten from Jeffries in NYC
Bag- Vintage Chanel from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC

The Look: Parisian Street Style + Cotton Ball

Fun Fact: My Aunt had an amazing knitting store when I was growing up! And My grandmother would knit me pom pom sweaters like these Norma sweaters. Norma also had a store in Toronto and these sweater jackets became extremely popular in the 80's! They are really hard to find and I started to collect them but have only found 2 of them in the last ten years of looking!..Oy! I was so excited when I found this one a few months ago and just had to wait for it to get cold enough to wear it! Pin It Now!


Gia said...

i love this sweater! i would want to wear it every day!

Belinda Fireman said...

Knit by Design! I used to love touching the angora in the store.

Mamie Canem said...

That jacket is incredible, j'adore !

IdStyle said...

That knit jacket is amazing. It looks so cozy and stylish too. What a great find!

Lia said...

totally inspired me to re-dig my mom's Norma hidden in a cedar closet somewhere up north. loves!