Monday, October 19, 2009

Value Village- Favourite Store for

Value Village is sensational!!! Its a Thrift Department store and as you know a lot of our wardrobe is from here! Dresses are under $5.00 and tops are usually around $1.99. Its any fashionistas paradise if you love the hunt! But you gotta be willing to work for it! As every Canadian knows, Value Village rocks! They are huge, color coded and have amazing finds! They are all over the city and every time we go into one we are completely mesmerized by how much amazing clothing it actually has! Once we found a Chanel belt and a few friends have found Ferragamo shoes. But its not only the jeans section (with amazing Mom jeans) that keeps us coming back for more... its the Halloween section! Its unbelievable! All of the costumes are either new or used and they are from everywhere! I found an amazing Flapper Cirque du Soleil costume with beads all over it (featured below) and we couldn't help our selves and tried on all of the costumes! Hahahha! What fun! Also everybody that works there is dressed up in cuteness! More of our favourite stores are profiled on Teen Vogue ! or CLICK HERE! Look at the pictures and browse through all of our wicked finds and find out why we love Gaddabout, Tribal Rhythm, Vintage Mix 1, and I Miss You vintage sooo much! xo Beckerman girls xo

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Rosie said...

Value Village is my favorite! We had one when I was in could find the sickest bags and serious boys' wool peacoats

Heather said...

There use to be one by my mom's house in Cleveland Ohio! It came and went in a flash. :( But I scored some great stuff there while it lasted.

Awesome blog.