Thursday, October 1, 2009

Samantha- Smokey the Bear + Lumberjack

Jumper- Vintage Norma Kamali from Manhatten Antique Show in NYC
Hat- Vintage Hat from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market from the cutest vendor named Judith who owns Charles Adler Vintage
Shoes- Todd's from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Belt- Ralph Lauren from Ralph Lauren store in the Hamptons in NYC
Bag- Valentino from Hamptons in NYC
Necklace- Vintage Bolo from Godmum

The Look: Smokey the Bear + Lumberjack

Fun Fact: I love plaid! I always go weak in the knees for anything Lumberjack print! Its so woodsy and reminds me of camping and PURE Canadian FUN eh? hahha! Pin It Now!


loveroffashion said...

I love Kamali jumpsuits, there is nothing like them! Have you checked out the Kamali collection for Walmart yet? It is pretty good!!

Beckerman Girls said...

We are always on the lookout for Kamali jumpsuits--we're obsessed! We did see the Norma Kamali collection for Walmart and thought it was FAB! xoxox

Stylish Goose said...

This looks great on you. I love the totally canadian overtones. :) The hat is really fun. a stylish mountie.