Monday, October 12, 2009

Caillianne- Military + Cowboy

Jacket- Vintage Red Cross Army Jacket from Kensington Market in Toronto
Hat- Vintage Ralph Lauren Hat from the Manhattan Vintage Show in NYC
Belt- Vintage (no label) belt from Sherway Gardens Antique Show in Toronto
Necklace- Vintage S&M necklace from the 50's from The Manhattan Vintage Show in NYC
Denim Shirt underneath- H&M from H&M store in NYC
Leggings- Men's Long underwear from H&M in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage motorcycle boots from Amsterdam Flea market in Amsterdam
Bag- Bottega Veneta from Creeds in Toronto (from my Mom)
Umbrella- Umbrella from street vendor in NYC

The Look: Military + Cowboy

Fun Fact: We are in NYC and having soo much fun in Central Park Blogging! All of the joggers were going around us and they all wanted to be in the pictures! We came to NYC to go to the Manhattan Antique Show and I got this hat and necklace from the show. We had the best week hanging with friends and we can't wait until our next trip! Pin It Now!

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Patricia said...

Your finds rock! I love the big belted Army jacket! I also love that the joggers in Central Park wanted to be in your photos. FUN!