Monday, October 19, 2009

Caillianne- Pink Panther + Motorcycle Diaries

Leather Jacket- Vintage Schott leather jacket from Charle's Adler Vintage at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (we painted on it!!!)
Leopard sweater- Handmade OS International sweater from Salvation Army in Naples, Florida
Black scarf- Gift from my Dad to me (it used to be his father's, my grandfather's fav' scarf)
Jeans- Coral jeans by Kill City from National Jean Company store in NYC
Bag- Bottega Veneta black leather bag from Mom
Shoes- Pink loafers from Top Shop in NYC

The Look: Pink Panther + Motorcycle Diaries

Fun Fact: The first time I wore these jeans, my legs, hands, socks and feet turned pink from the dye on the jeans! I didn't mind cause' my favourite color is pink was hysterical!!!! Pin It Now!

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giamarieb said...

You are such a great jumper! I love your pink pants and shoes!