Monday, December 14, 2009

Caillianne- Comic Strip + Pinup

Jacket- Vintage Jordache denim comic jacket from Salvation Army in LA ( A gift from Chloe!!!)
Shirt- Vintage Jaegger shirt from Angela's Vintage store in NYC
Head Scarf- Vintage skull scarf from Badlands Vintage store in Toronto
Pants- Turquoise Cheap Monday's High waisted jeans from TG-170 in NYC
Bag- Dog stuffed animal bag from F/X store in Toronto
Sunglasses- Vintage sunglasses (no label) from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Flower Earrings- LuShae Earrings from their online store
Pin on jacket- Vintage Popeye pin from St. Lawrence flea market in Toronto (my Hanukkah gift from Samantha-YAY!)
Shoes- Dries Van Noten from Jeffrey's in NYC
Rings- Turquoise Claw ring from Flea Market in NYC and other Turquoise ring from Grandmother

The Look: Comic Strip + Rosie the Riveter

Fun Fact: I love these LuShae flower earrings soo much! They are so sparkly and amazing and look like rock and roll stars! To see more of LuShae's collection click here! Pin It Now!

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