Friday, December 11, 2009

Caillianne- Xena Warrior Princess + Black Swan

Jacket (worn as dress)- Handmade velvet jacket that has no label and is borrowed from Danielle's mother's wardrobe
Headpiece- Chain worn as a headpiece (borrowed from Danielle) and from Forever 21 in Toronto Black Tights- Black tights from Socks store in Toronto
Shoes- Zara Women's Collection (borrowed from Danielle) and from Zara store in Toronto
Doll Bag- Vintage doll bag (borrowed from Danielle) from a Doll Shop in Queens Quay in Toronto

The Look: Xena Warrior Princess + Black Swan

Fun Fact: This chain is the best necklace because it's long enough to be worn as a headpiece. The lobster claw can clip anywhere on it, so it's completely adjustable. Samantha and I just purchased two of them yesterday at Forever 21 and have been wearing it clipped to bags, as a necklace, headpiece and gonna hang it off the sides of our jeans. Pin It Now!

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