Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chloe in LA- San Francisco Trip, USC Football Game and Trapeze School!

I have been having a complete ball in L.A and doing pretty adventurous things! We went to San Francisco which was so beautiful and there was even a seat in the elevator like the movie Pretty Woman! I couldn't help myself but lounge on the way up to our room! Justin took me to my first USC Football game... and WOW do they have some HARDCORE fans and definitely lots of Spirit Fingers! I then did Trapeze school and it knocked my socks off! It was sooo much fun and I was totally Tarzan ( I mean Jane) and I'm still on a "high" from swinging! xo Chloe in L.A

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norine said...

Looks like fun!

Please come check out my blog you wont regret it!

sarahwl said...

Have you gone to Clifton's Cafeteria yet?

Also, trapeze school looks like a blast! I had no idea we had one in L

Nikki said...

Chlo - You make me want to move to LA.