Tuesday, December 8, 2009

D.I.Y- Karen Elson Riding the Peace Train

We love GINGERBREAD men so much! When we saw this train, we flipped out and had to get it to do a D.I.Y Pink Peace Train! The handsome Rocky who is also Danielle's dog, was dressed up in his elf disguise helping us out! The train came with candies, flat gingerbread pieces, white and green icing and instructions. First we glued the cookies together with vanilla icing and painted the rest of the pieces pink by mixing red food dye into the vanilla icing. We bought chocolate icing for the wheels and added wine gums, lollipops, sweet tarts, candy canes, Dove chocolates, and colorful sprinkles. We also Skyped with Chloe in L.A to get her input and to make her insanely jealous and hungry with all the candy we had! Cat Steven's song "Peace Train" was blasting on the radio as were decorating it. Last but not least, we needed someone to drive our Peace Train and our fav' red headed supermodel Karen Elson volunteered! Thanks Karen, for all your hard work...now we are gonna eat you!
xo Beckerman girls and Danielle (who are still on a sugar high)

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Nikki said...

This is the most beautiful gingerbread treat I have ever seen!


Dylana Suarez said...

Love your style!

Lovely blog! Following!


Emma Farquharson said...

Your train is so much pinker than the one on the box!!! hehehe love it!! xo