Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rana (Mommy) - Cabin Chic + Mod Squad

Grey jacket- Organic brand wool jacket from Saks in NYC
Eyeglasses- Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 glasses
Pin on Jacket- Vintage Scorpion pin from vintage pin store in NYC
Scarf- Leopard scarf from street vendor in NYC
Belt- Black velvet YSL belt from YSL store in NYC
Leggings- Wool grey knit leggings from Aldo in Toronto
Leg Warmers- Maroon knit Etro leggings from Etro store in NYC
Hat- Eric Javits leather hat from NYC
Arm warmers- Etro Orange and Brown knit arm warmers from Etro store in NYC
Black gloves- Black leather gloves from Jackie's Place Toronto
Tank underneath- Beckerman leather tank from Spring 2006 Collection
Shoes- Motorcycle boots from Browns in Toronto
Doggy- Theadora "TED" Beckerman

The Look: Cabin Chic + Mod Squad

Fun Fact: These glasses are our favourite!!! They originally had dark lenses in them and our Mom put a yellow tinted lens in them instead so she can also wear them indoors! Pin It Now!


Mamie Canem said...

this is a gorgeous mom !

Anonymous said...

Your mom is beautiful.Love the outfit!!!!!
Cecilia Price

SaraKateSwan said...

Wow she looks amazing!!! Stunning woman.