Monday, January 11, 2010

Caillianne- Parisian + Military

Top/Dress Blouse- White Vintage Carp Rapp crepe blouse from Paris a gift from our neighbour
Slip underneath- Beige vintage slip from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Belt- Vintage Army belt from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market from NYC
Pants- Leather H&M pants from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Miu Miu brown with sheepskin heels from Miu Miu store in NYC
Bag- Prada Fall 2009 studded bag from Prada store in NYC
Charm on Bag- Prada Teddy Bear sequin charm from store in NYC

The Look: Parisian + Military

Fun Fact: This belt is really special because its really old! Its from WWI! It has a white canvas pouch on the front probably to hold bullets and a green canvas pouch in the back. Pin It Now!

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ceiling fans said...

your purse is so cute.