Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caillianne- Party Girl Movie + Woodstock

Hat- Vintage Ralph Lauren Hat from Manhattan Vintage Show in NYC
Khaki green jacket- Vintage Red Cross jacket from store in Kensington in Toronto
Dress- Velvet floral dress from Brimfield Anitque show in MA
Tights- Black tights from Silks in Toronto
Shoes- Pink YSL shoes from YSL store in NYC
Belt- Vintage leather motercycle belt from St. Lawrence Flea Market in Toronto
Bag- Blue Louis Vuitton Bag (borrowed from Mom) from Louis Vuitton store in Toronto
Gloves- Vintage pink gloves from Courage my Love in Toronto
Sunglasses- Raybans from Sunglass Hut in Toronto

The Look: Party Girl Movie + Woodstock

Fun Fact: In 2002, we saw Party Girl at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC and it was so SPECTACULAR! It was done in 1995! It is the Best movie ever! And Parker Posey was amazing in it! We bumped into her on the street in NYC and she was sooo cute and loved our dog Cubby so much she picked him up and squeezed and kissed him! She's the coolest! Pin It Now!


Jessica said...

Definitely the most glamorous Woodstock attendee in history!

seki said...

yep yep yep this is good.

yesnoyes said...

Agreed! the movie is so fun! I found a copy of it in a big box store for $4 last yr!! I want to do a editoral inspired by that movie soon!!!thanks for reminding me!

The Village Idiot said...

i have wanted those raybans forever!! they look wow! on you!