Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caillianne- Private Benjamin + Blondie

Jacket- D&G bomber jacket (borrowed from Samantha) from D&G Store in NYC
Shirt- Vintage Army green shirt from Value Village in Toronto
Black bow Kentucky Tie- Frances Rose Is, a Gift from Amy Goppereth who designs Frances Rose Is from Australia! (Love it so much!)
Gold Chain Bolo- Vintage from my grandmother
Belt- Vintage 80's Belt from Sherway Gardens Antique Show in Toronto
Pants- Black Marc Jacobs (borrowed from Samantha) jodpurs from Fall 2009 Collection
Shoes- Leopard Ralph Lauren from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Fendi bag borrowed from Mom from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Glasses- Vintage glasses (I got them when I was 8years old) can't actually believe I still have them! hahah!

The Look: Private Benjamin + Blondie

Fun Fact: Today was a funny kinda day! I have been very sick for the last three days and in bed running fevers and on top of that I have laryngitis so I have to whisper everything and its really hard to talk! So Sammy got me out of my bedroom (aka The Dungeon) because I have been there for soo long and told me to put some clothes on cause it will feel better and I have to admit after taking these pictures and putting on some REAL clothes instead wearing my PJ's I feel better! Pin It Now!


South Godfrey said...


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Danielle Hession said...

check out that hair lady!!!!!! You look fierce despite how sick you feel!!!! xoxoxo

Mamie Canem said...

This look is just awesome !

Soooali said...

Fierce jacket. Just got something similar and it's so cosy!

Katie said...

Can't even tell you're under the weather!

Actually, I always tell people, "if I look really great today it's 'cause I feel REALY AWEFUL." -- Dressin' up makes me feel better, too.

You gals inspire me with your brave, inspired style.

roxanne said...

get well soon! i recently started following this blog, and i'm absolutely hooked. love how you turned bedhead into something fabulous.

Beckerman Girls said...

You are all WAY too SWEET! And these comments are making me feel even better! (Even though my voice isn't back yet)...THANK gawd none of you noticed how PALE I am!!! haha! Love you all! xoxo Caillianne

99Perfume said...

Great looking shots! That hair is definitely something else.

Beth said...

Love the shoes!!