Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Danielle- Alphabet Soup + Leopard

Coat- Vintage coat from Salvation Army in Toronto
Jumper- Vintage Laundry by Shelli Segal from Salvation Army in Toronto
Headband- Vintage from Danielle's Mom from the '80s
Gloves- Vintage Driving gloves from Danielle's Grandmother
Belt- Vintage handmade keyhole belt from store called Penny Arcade in Toronto
Leggings- SoLo leggings from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Boots- From Urban Planet in Toronto
Bag- Zara bag from 2007 from Zara store in Toronto
Earrings- Gold Mickey Mouse faces from Value Village in Toronto
Pin- Matryoshka doll pin (a Christmas gift from us to Danielle!) from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto

The Look: Alphabet Soup + Leopard

Fun Fact: We made Danielle get this coat!!! It is sooo amazing and the leopard is PERRRFECT on it! It had no label on it but it had a Bergdorf Goodman label sewn into it so we assumed it was designer! SCORE! Pin It Now!


Nia said...

This is amaaaazing! The coat is a great find! I die for a hot mix of patterns and colors.

x A

Fashion Trix said...

double the print=double the chic!
and love the bag!

Emma Farquharson said...

YEY Danny!!! You are so beautiful xxx