Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caillianne- The Virgin Suicides + Blue Cotton Candy

Dress- Vintage Creeds dress a gift from our neighbour
Black tights- Silks from Sox store in Toronto
Shoes- Black velvet Marc Jacobs shoes borrowed from Chloe
Belt- Vintage Polka dot belt (no label) our Mom's in the 80's
Bag- Vintage Glomeshi from the 80's borrowed from my Mom
Ring- Lalique Glass Sunflower ring a gift from the Lalique store

The Look: The Virgin Suicides + Blue Cotton Candy

Fun Fact: We did a fashion show with Genart for Spring 2006 and it was awesome! Lalique had just launched their jewelry line and and we did a collaboration with them. Our model's wore Lalique jewelry in our runway show. As a thank you they gave us a choice to pick whichever piece of jewelry we wanted. And I got this big glass sunflower ring! I love it! Pin It Now!


The Sound of Lace said...

Oooh that third shot is so pretty. Love this dress color and the movement is great.

loveroffashion said...

Love the dress! It looks like vintage Chloe!

Emma Farquharson said...

Separately, I wouldn't think to buy these items, but together: OHHH LAAA LAAAA i want want want!!! such a great eye girls! xo

July Stars said...

Amazing look ... and such a great blog! Kiss from London

Striped Shirt said...

I really like your dress here!!Love the look!

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

ohhhh i love the dress! very virgin suicides but also made me think of wendy from peter pan, even though she's a bit wet! i'm your fan on facebook too woo xx

giamarieb said...

Too bad it's not a windier day! This dress is amazing!

Linda said...

I think that might be my building where I live behind you,...where was that?