Friday, November 20, 2009

Caillianne- Blossom + Courtney Love

Jacket- Vintage Leather jacket from Hell's Flea Market in NYC
Slip- Vintage slip from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Grey Sweater- See by Chloe from Holt Renfrew in NYC
Black tights by Silks in Toronto
Bag- Botegga Veneta from Mom
Rain Boots- Ilse Jacobsen (Hornbaek) from Le Bon Marche Department store in Paris
Hat- Knitted Bellini hat from Sporting Life in Toronto

The Look: Blossom + Courtney Love

Fun Fact: Today was such a rainy misty no sun vampire day! So I trekked around in my favourite Scandinavian rain boots. I got them four years ago when I was in Paris and fell in love with them! Pin It Now!

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Belinda Fireman said...

I love how you've paired Blossom with Courtney Love... can you imagine the two of them in an elevator together?