Monday, November 2, 2009

Samantha- Corpse Bride + Halloween 2009

Dress- Vintage lace wedding dress from Value Village in Toronto
Wig- Wig from Halloween Spirit Store in Toronto
Bugs- Plastic flies and ants from Halloween Spirit Store in Toronto
Bandages on wrists and Blood on dress- Bloody bandages from Halloween Spirit Store in Toronto
Roses- From Dollarama store in Toronto (I painted them black to look like they were decayed)

The Look: Corpse Bride + Halloween 2009

Fun Fact: I always wanted to go really scary for Halloween, so I decided..this was the year!!! Once I found this vintage wedding dress at Value Village, I knew I had to be Corpse Bride! I bought a blood spatter spray paint to cover the dress and hot glue gunned the flies and ants! BOO! Did I scare ya, yet? Pin It Now!


Belinda said...

Very scary! Love your costumes... both of you!

Beckerman Girls said...

Thanks Bel! Love you tons!