Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Caillianne- Karl Lagerfeld + Stephen Sprouse

Blazer- Vintage Louis Feraud from Kensington Market in Toronto
Black bow necktie- The label is called Frances Rose Is from Australia
White shirt underneath- Vintage Montana borrowed from my Mom
Pin- Chanel satin and gold ring pin across blazer
Pants- H&M from store in Toronto
Shoes- YSL from YSL store in NYC
Bag- Miu Miu from Miu Miu store in NYC

The Look: Karl Lagerfeld + Stephen Sprouse

Fun Fact: The Frances Rose necktie style that I am wearing is called the Kentucky. I am sooo obsessed with it! Amy sent us these neckties and we were soo excited when they came! Her debut collection is called "Digging for Gold" and she explains it as the "Old west meets the Dandy in a modern world" The Kentucky looks amazing with shirts and I am really excited to wear it as a necklace too! Her awesome website is Frances Rose is just wait until the video's loads! Pin It Now!


lara.tobin.styling said...

DEFINITELY one of my all-time favourite outfits. And that's a tough call to make given all the choices. But it's clear that this is such a calculated, well-thought out intricately-planned outfit. I love. Two questions about the pants from H&M - I've been wearing my pleather pants pretty much everyday since I bought them, so need a backup pair; were these purchased recently? Secondly, is the detail at the waist part of the pant, or a separate belt?
From one Torontonian to another, sick outfit and already looking forward to today's!

Beckerman Girls said...

Hi Lara! Yes!!! they are in the H&M stores now! Thank you soo much for the sweet comment! YAY!
I am wearing a black studded belt on top of the pants.I moved the buckle to the back so you couldn't see it! The pants have two side zippers! I hope this helps! I got them at the H&M in Yorkdale Mall (on the first floor)They were only $40.00!
xo Caillianne