Monday, November 23, 2009

Samantha- Conductor + Woodstock

Jacket- Margiela coat from Barneys in NYC
Sunglasses- D&G from D&G Store in NYC
T-shirt (underneath)- Jimmy Choo grey t-shirt for H&M from H&M store in Toronto
Scarf- Handmade scarf from One of a Kind Show in Toronto
Leggings- Sequin leggings from Aldo Acessories Store in Toronto
Shoes- Pink oxfords from Topshop in NYC
Hat- Vintage hat (no label) borrowed from Caillianne from Aberfoyle Flea Market in Ontario
Bag- Betsey Johnson from Betsey Johnson store in Toronto

The Look: Conductor + Woodstock

Fun Fact: I love this scarf so much because this sweet woman handmade it into a piece of art!I lost her card but she is an artisan and knitter from Calgary, Aberta! She tie dyed it in these bright colors, felted it with yarn woven into it and even used metalic threads so that it sparkled in areas! Pin It Now!


Belinda Fireman said...

Yay, Calgary!

yesnoyes said...

I have a very similar scarf. Hand dyed silk from a local artisan from New Brunswick- my boyfriends mom "took a chance" and mailed it to me- its amazing!!!