Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Danielle- Lego + Mondrian

Hat- Vintage Grey Street Smart by Betmar from Value Village in Montreal
Coat- Vintage Black suede Leo Chevallier borrowed from Danielle's Mom from the 80's
Top- Leyendecker from Ex-Toggery consignment store in Toronto
Pants- Riding pants from Greenhawke Equestrian store in Orangeville, Ontario
Bag- From H&M store in Toronto
Boots- Vintage Nevada boots from Value Village in Kingston, Ontario

The Look: Lego + Mondrian

Fun Fact: We shot an an abandoned house! The door kept creaking and swinging open and slammming shut! It totally freaked us out! If you look closely you can see a farmer looking out the window!!! SCARY!!! just kiddin! Pin It Now!

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