Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Teddy Bear Show, November 24, 2009

The Christmas Teddy Bear show was outta control amazing! All of the handmade teddy bears were so cute and creative and made with so much love. We spent hours looking at them and talking to the people who made them. We ended up getting the pink rocker cat, the rat with the gingerbread cookie in his mouth, the three Harajuku teddybears with balloons and umbrellas, and the Teddy bear named Clive who has a leather bag with a Canadian sticker on it! xo Beckerman girls xo

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loveroffashion said...

too cute!

TeddyBear Artist said...

Fantastic pictures! How is Ratatoue? It was such a pleasure to me you and your family at the show! I save some of your pic's hope you don't mind! If your ever down this way you'll have to come by to see us at the Shoppe or a Show.
Beverley & Danny Smith
OutsideIn Interior Art Design & Bears4u