Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beckerman Spring 2009 Lookbook and Video

Here is the new Beckerman Spring 2009 video directed by Caillianne Beckerman and starring Ciara Nugent. The music is by Puddin Tang! Check it out and turn up the music!

Beckerman’s “Shake Rattle and Roll” Spring/Summer 2009 Collection mixes elements of music, pin-up girls, and Doo-Wop to create a modern twist on a 1950’s aesthetic. We were inspired by “America’s endless summer” says Caillianne Beckerman, “and how Rock n’ Roll had a huge impact on American culture.”
The Beckerman’s mix pastel colored linens with loose shapes and colorful denim with a fitted strapless silhouette for a tougher, edgier take on Spring/Summer dressing. “This season is all about ‘pin-up chic,’” says Samantha Beckerman. Jumpers and loose dresses were created with details like plastic chains hanging on the pockets. Styles like ruffled plaid vests, seersucker multi-colored swing dresses, and the three layer vest dress, define the theme and bring it to life. “We love the architecture of the 1950’s motels,” exclaims Chloe Beckerman. “The plastic palm trees, the retro neon signs and the playful architecture of the doo-wop motels are iconic of the 1950s!”
The knitwear is offered in a piano key print and a cherry print, which are silk-screened on cardigans, vests and camisoles. The Beckerman’s were inspired by the All-American diners for their t-shirt diffusion line which consists of 14 different hand drawn images. The diffusion line is filled with images like food monsters, punk-burgers, french fries in bikinis and a quirky combo meal.
The Beckerman’s are renowned for their exclusive textiles which they illustrate and develop each season. This season, the “Music Note” textile was inspired by the jukebox. “We wanted our print to sing” says Caillianne. The print consists of music symbols and notes cut from a flower print and arranged in an all-over, tossed pattern.
This season, Beckerman offers two key accessories - a silk scarf and leather belt. The one-of-a-kind, hand drawn silk scarf has people dancing around as hot air balloons soar through the sky and is framed by piano keys.
The showpiece consists of hand knit multicolored panels of music notes built on a hoopla skirt! This collection will definitely make you want to “Shake, Rattle and Roll!” Pin It Now!

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